Vol 15, No 2

Table of Contents

  1. Research Article
    Predictors of Students' Competence in Applying Mathematics in Real World Problems PDF
    Melanie G. Gurat, Rommel S. de Gracia
    Today's societies place challenging demands on individuals, who are confronted with complexity in many aspects of their lives. Individuals need to acquire a wide range of competencies in order to overcome the complex challenges of today's world. Using real-world problems is important not only to hone students' mathematical thinking and competency but also to prepare them in making well-grounded decisions that involve logical and mathematical reasoning. Thus, this study explored the competence of the students in applying mathematics in real world problems and determined the predictors using the selected profile variables. Regression analysis was used to identify if there are predictors that determine the results of the assessment. The main tool of the study was the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test in mathematics. Findings revealed that the predictors include confidence level, repeated kinder, mother work status and highest level of education to complete. This study could be a guide for determining the strengths and weaknesses of students in applying mathematics in the real world as framework in helping them handle the rigors of connecting math with their lives.

  2. Research Article
    Urban Governance Indicators and Quality of Life in Congo: Case study of Brazzaville PDF
    Nzoussi Hilaire Kevin, Li Jiang Feng

    This article discusses urban governance and life quality indicators in the Republic of Congo and Brazzaville in particular. The governance of the city of Brazzaville greatly influences the life quality of the people to the extent that all the decisions of urban policy are taken by actors who in charge of the governance of the city of Brazzaville. The conditions of the population of the city proper are still far from being met. Yet the goal of urban gouverance is to find solutions to the problems that cities face. The crisis facing African cities is very concern because of adequate solutions that are slow to be concretized. The few indicators in this work show how the urban gouverance of the city of Brazzaville still poses enough problems. Therefore, the state and development partners, non-governmental organizations and all actors of urban governance should take necessary measures to improve the living conditions of the population of the city of Brazzaville.

  3. Research Article
    A Research on the Subjective Well-Being Levels of Pre-Service Teachers PDF
    Orhan TAŞKESEN, Ahmet Ragıp ÖZPOLAT, Aşkın Ceren TEVLİN, Şeyda ALICI, Şeyma ELMALI
    This research focused on the investigation of the subjective well-being of the Faculty of Education students according to their departments. In this research, it was aimed to investigate whether there were any differences between the students in Faculty of Education, the Department of Art, and Music Teacher Training and the students in other departments in terms of their well-being levels according to the class and gender variables. This relational research was carried out with 450 (263 female, 186 male and 1 unidentified gender) students in 2014-2015 educational year. To determine the subjective well-being levels of the students, "Subjective Well-being Scale" was used. In order to test the difference according to the gender variable the unrelated samples t-test, for the difference according to the variables of class and programme, one-way variance analysis (ANOVA) were applied. It was not come across with a significant difference in the subjective well-being levels of students in the Faculty of Education according to their class and programmes. On the other hand, a significant difference was encountered in favour of girls according to the gender variable.

  4. Research Article
    Globalization Initiatives and Arab Penal Codes PDF
    Sherif Heikal
    This paper argues that most of the Arab Countries penal codes started to be globalized at the establishment stages of the globalization.Hence, this paper explains the multidimensional factors and aspects of the formation of the penal codes in Arab countries outlining those aspects and changes in the Arab Penal Codes.