Vol 11, No 1

Table of Contents

  1. Research Article
    The Contribution of Periodic Markets to Internally Generated Fund (IGF) of Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Assembly PDF
    Addai Godfred, Romanus D. Dinye, Otutei Emmanuel
    As part of Ghana's fiscal decentralisation programme, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies are mandated to mobilise resources internally to reduce dependence on the external sources of funds. Internally Generated Funds (IGF) of MMDAs in Ghana has been relatively low since 1993. The focus of this paper is to assess the contribution of revenue mobilisation from periodic markets to Internally Generated Fund (IGF). Simple random sampling techniques were used to select 94 market sellers in the municipality and officers of the Assembly using purposive sampling. The four main periodic markets were located in Ejisu, Juaben, Kwaso and Boamadumase. Interview guides and structured questionnaires were used to collect data. The study found that the Municipality practice Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with REVSOL Company in local revenue collection. The proceeds from periodic markets contributed 7.5 percent and 7.8 percent in 2010 and 2011 respectively. A number of factors affect revenue collection from periodic markets in the Municipality. These include; lack of accountability and transparency, lack of adequate logistics, weak institutional collaboration, inadequate motivation to revenue collectors, inadequate revenue collectors, lack of skilled personnel, poor development of the market and weak legal and regulatory framework.

  2. Research Article
    Introduction to the Construction of Five Zigong PDF
    Xianjun Tan
    Zigong is a city located in the southwest of People's Republic of China. In the year of 2011, the development goal of constructing Five Zigong was put forward by the local authority. Five Zigong is associated with five aspects, including industry, ecology, culture, innovation and happiness. This paper probes into the construction of Five Zigong. It aims to let people all over the world to know more about the present situation of Zigong, especially the construction of Five Zigong.

  3. Research Article
    Urbanization: Its Implication for Sustainable Food Security, Health and Nutritional Nexus in Developing Economies - A Case Study of Nigeria PDF
    Alfred S. Ekpenyong
    The population of the developing countries including Nigeria, is becoming increasingly urbanized as a result of both natural increase and rural-urban migration. The percent of urban residents in Nigeria as in other developing economies has risen rapidly in recent years. This rapid increase in urbanization poses new and different challenges for food security in the country. Reliance on purchased food is a leading factor in household food insecurity of poor urban populations, who lacked a fixed income. Inspite of the availability of a wider variety of food, the food consumed in urban areas is not necessary of superior nutritional quality and food safety is a growing concern in many urban environments. There is limited knowledge of the similarities and differences in diets, nutrition status and health effects of diets and lifestyle between the traditional rural population and the emerging urban poor. This study therefore seeks to provide insight that will be useful for basic descriptive
    information as well as for assistance in the design and execution of health and nutrition projects for the urban poor.

  4. Research Article
    An Assessment of Causes of Conflicts Over Common Pool Resources Among Residents of Lower River Nyando Floodplains, Kisumu County, Kenya PDF
    Paul Okello Atieno, Samson Wokabi Mwangi, Kibet Ngetich
    Common pool resources like forests, wetlands, water, and rangelands are a major source of livelihood to the rural poor and less fortunate members of the community, and denial of access to such resources always cause conflicts. Several studies have been done on such conflicts between different communities on one hand, and between states and particular communities on the other hand. Conflicts have occurred among different user groups among the residents of Lower River Nyando floodplains, an area occupied by a homogeneous community fighting over land, water, papyrus and fishing. However, no research has been carried out on common pool resource conflicts among residents of Lower River Nyando floodplains. This study focused on causes of conflicts over common pool resources among residents of Lower Nyando River floodplains, Kisumu County, Kenya. The objectives of the study were to assess the causes of conflict over water, land, fish, and papyrus.  Descriptive research design was adopted, and interview schedules were used to interview purposively selected 138 respondents. The instruments were pilot tested and Cronbach's coefficient alpha yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.76 which was acceptable. Chi- Square at p=0.05 was used to analyse data gathered from the field. Statistically significant relationships were found between access to fishing (χ2=15.473), papyrus (χ2=15.563), and land (χ2=18.67), and conflict among the residents of lower River Nyando floodplains. However, no relationship was found to exist between access to water (χ2=3.958) and conflict. It was concluded that common pool resources like land (for cultivation), water (competition between fishermen, farmers, and livestock keepers over water), fishing (theft of fishing gears and caught fish) and exploitation of papyrus are the main causes of conflict in this study area.

  5. Research Article
    Investigating the Relationship between Social Appearance Anxiety and Loneliness of Turkish University Youth PDF
    Osman AMÄ°L, Hasan BOZGEYÄ°KLÄ°
    This study which investigates the relationship between social appearance anxiety and loneliness has been performed with survey model. The research has been carried out on 493 universty students (68,6 % (338) female, 31,4 % (155) male) of an avarege age of 19. Personal information form, Social Appearance Anxiety Scale and UCLA Loneliness Scale have been used to collect the data of the research. T test, f test, simple correlation and regression analyzes have been utilized to analyze the data of the research. The results of the research have revealed that there is a significant differentiation between the social appearance anxiety and loneliness according to different variables and there is a positive significant correlation between social appearance anxiety and loneliness. And also the results Show that social appearance anxiety is an important predictor of loneliness. Recommendations have been developed in the light of findings that have emerged as a result of this research.

  6. Research Article
    Values of Multiculturalism In The Process of Teaching and Learning the Dance Arts PDF
    Sutiyono Sutiyono
    This writing explores the values of multiculturalism in the process of teaching and learning the dance arts at the state university called Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In result, it is mentioned that the Indonesian people as one that is composite on the basis of its diverse cultural background has experienced a great deal of repeated failures. It could be seen in the many problems of conflict and violence that frequently happen. To counter such problems, this writing offers the dance art teaching and learning process at State University of Yogyakarta as basis for character education designed with the theme of understanding multiculturalism in Indonesia. In the process of teaching and learning the dance arts, one often finds values of multiculturalism which could be processed to strengthen the direction of character education toward the importance of respecting and appreciating multiculturalism.

  7. Research Article
    Learned Helplessness in Public Administration: The Cases of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and San Diego City PDF
    Fatih YÃœKSEL
    Learned helplessness is a psychological and cognitive process and state of mind that an individual remains unresponsive to new stimuli due to past experiences of (perceived) failure, which subsequently prevents the learning. This situation can be observed in many environments; hence, it is possible to ebserve learned helplessness in the working life. In this context, the aim of the study is to identify factors that lead to learned helplessness among public sector employees. Specifically this article examines the relationship between the San Diego City and Samsun Metropolitan Muncipality employees' seniority level, position and demographic characteristics and their levels of learned helplessness. The survey results indicate that learned helplessness is correlated with the position, seniority, education and age of public sector employees; however gender was not correlated with helplessness.