Vol 17, No 1

Table of Contents

  1. Research Article
    Communication Strategy in Raising Customer Service Quality of Regional Water Utility Company of Sukabumi PDF
    Ike Rachmawati, Ujuh Juhana
    The research is a phenomenon in Regional Water Utility Company of Sukabumi that relates to customer complaint to the service of water utility, which is not optimal. The research is conducted to test empirical facts that happens in the reality and to test scientifically the communication strategy and service quality. The research was conducted two years long by using qualitative design with survey explanatory method to explain and analyze communication strategy that could raise service quality of Regional Water Utility of Sukabumi partially and simultaneously. The research aims at finding influence of communication strategy and service quality, which is able to be measured quantitatively based on indicators from each dimension by using applied statistic. Research population was customers of Regional Water Utility Company of Sukabumi. Sample use was societies who were customers of Regional Water Utility Company of Sukabumi. Sampling tehnique applied simple random sampling.

  2. Research Article
    Community Participation on Peat Restoration Policy for Forest Fire Rescue and Land in Sungai Tohor Village Meranti Island Riau Province Sumatra Indonesia PDF
    Febri Yuliani
    Peat ecosystem is an element of peat structure, which is a whole unified that affect each other in forming balance, stability, and productivity. Hydrological Unity of Peat (HUP) is a peat ecosystem located between two rivers, between the river and sea, and or on the swamp. Peat Ecosystem is function as an element of peat that serves to protect water availability, biodiversity conservation, oxygen-producing carbon storage, climate balance divided into protected functions of peat ecosystem and peat ecosystem cultivation function. Damage to the function of peat ecosystems occurs due to mismanagement of land with the selection of business commodities that are not in accordance with the characteristics of peat lands. This is exacerbated by the draining of peat water resulting in a drought on peat that is currently the trigger for forest and land fires. Facts in the field show that fires that occur almost every year with an ever-increasing area are the fact that peat is no longer in natural conditions or has been damaged. Restoration of peat ecosystems can be done by rearranging of hydrological functions where the peat dome as long storage of water, so that peat remains wet and difficult to burn and disasters that have implications directly to the community in the region. Community participation in reducing and avoiding disaster risk is important by raising community awareness and capacity for disaster risk reduction. This research explains how the Community Participation on Peat Restoration Policy in Tohor Village, Meranti Regency. This participation results in changes to peat restoration policies. The Tohor River is a success area for peat restoration in Indonesia that can lead to forest and land fires in Sumatra.

  3. Research Article
    Analysis on the Registration System in Civil Procedure Law PDF
    OU Yuanjie

    China's civil case filing system has turned comprehensively from examination system to registration system, having actually established the petition model with the core of petition registration. The registration system is not only a simple problem regarding petition registration, but a fundamental procedural problem regarding the connection between "suit" and "case". The filing difficulty in China has its complex origin and reason, which can not be completely overcome by simply emphasis the strengthening of filing procedure in abstract context. Actually, further detailed reforms or interpretation of the existed provisions need to be weighed on legislation and judicial levels.

  4. Research Article
    Finge Ancestral Practices and the Christian Faith: A Historical Study of the Wanabe Cult PDF
    Michael Kpughe Lang

    This paper examines the Wanabe ancestral practice in the Finge polity of Cameroon's northwest, showing how its encounter with Christian faith resulted in mutations that necessitated its revival. Underpinned by worship, veneration, and respect of the ancestors, the Wanabe practice enjoyed its heydays up to the time when the intrusion of Christian theology threatened its existence and relevance. Informed by existing scholarship and based on field work conducted in February 2017, it is argued that the plight of the Wanabe practice following its encounter with missionary Christianity hinged primarily on missionaries' negative perception of the practice, presenting it as an impediment to conversion to Christianity. Ensuing missionary efforts to repudiate this ancestral cult practice have met with indigenous repugnance that has ensured the revival and continuing importance of the culturally-entrenched belief system. The paper explores how the deeply religious beliefs and observances associated with the Wanabe ancestral practice posed as obstacles to the overly exclusive doctrinal conditions arrogantly and ignorantly proposed by Christian evangelizers. If the latter's ongoing efforts at adapting Christian theology to the non-Christian Finge religio-cultural background should uphold the labeling of indigenous cosmology as worthless for Christianity, then the value of religious traditions meeting each other would be missed.

  5. Research Article
    Schadenfreude and Sport Celebrity Worship PDF
    Meghan Gillen, Michael Bernstein, Jeanne Edman, Terence Leary, Lynn E. McCutcheon, William Jenkins
    We administered either a Guilty or an Ambiguous version of a fatal hit-and-run accident involving one's favorite sport celebrity, a measure of schadenfreude, and a version of the Celebrity Attitude Scale (CAS) modified to target one's favorite sport celebrity to 77 Black and 119 White college students. Results of two ANOVAs showed that Black students who chose Black favorite sport celebrities showed a significantly stronger admiration for their favorite sport celebrity, but significantly greater schadenfreude as compared to White students who chose favorite sport celebrities who were White. There were no other main effects or interactions. Schadenfreude scores were lower as compared to previous studies in which target persons were maliciously envied or deserving of misfortune. There was an inverse correlation between schadenfreude scores and reported strength of the bond with the favorite sport celebrity as measured by the single item "How strongly do you feel about your favorite sport celebrity/" and scores on the sport version of the Celebrity Attitude Scale. Results were discussed with a focus on racial differences and the failure to find a difference due to certainty of guilt.