Vol 10, No 2

Table of Contents

  1. Research Article
    Constraints Associated with the Marketing Channel of Lettuce and Cabbage Trade in Ghana PDF
    Mawutor K. Glover, Joyce Obubuafo, Mathew O. Agyeman-Duah, Grace D. Doku, Edinam K. Glover
    The present study aims to identify inefficiencies or bottlenecks in the marketing channel for lettuce and cabbage trade in Ghana which may be lowering economic incentives for producers and traders. It also aims to assess better ways in which local communities could benefit from lettuce and cabbage trade for poverty alleviation and livelihood improvement. The study focuses on the following central research questions: What constraints are associated with the marketing channel of lettuce and cabbage trade in Ghana which may be lowering economic incentives for producers and traders?  What are the ways in which local communities can better benefit from lettuce and cabbage trade for poverty alleviation and livelihood improvement? This study covers gaps in the existing marketing channels of lettuce and cabbage trade; proposes how the associated constraints could be solved to better protect the chain, and explores the application of the findings in other contexts. It presupposes a thorough understanding of the social, cultural, ecological and economic factors shaping lettuce and cabbage production in Ghana.

  2. Research Article
    Vegetable Grower'S Knowledge Levels Regarding Some Sustainable Agriculture Practices: A Case Study in Taleeyaa District, Babylon Province, Iraq PDF
    Bassim H. Kshash

    Sustainable agriculture is an integrated system of plant and animal production practices having a site-specific application that will, over the long-term, satisfy human food and fiber needs; enhance the environmental quality and natural resources base upon which the agriculture economy depends. The final decision of farmers to applying the style of sustainable agriculture based on their knowledge with its experiences and practices. Therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate the level of Vegetable growers' knowledge with some sustainable agriculture experiences and practices.The study was conducted in Babylon Province of Iraq , from district namely Taleeyaa. A sample consisting of 180 respondents was selected through random sampling. A survey method through face-to-face interview by using structured questionnaire was used to collect data. The findings of the study showed that Majority of the respondents (48.9%) were observed in low category of knowledge followed by medium (31.7%) and (20%) high levels of knowledge, respectively. The study recommends that more efforts should be taken by agricultural extension agents to further improve farmers' knowledge regarding sustainable agriculture.

  3. Research Article
    Dissemination of Scientific Research Findings, A Prerequisite for National Development PDF
    Solomon Gyasi-Boakye, Anthony Bonnah-Koomson
    This study investigates the dissemination of research findings generated by the institutes under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to the general public in Ghana. To achieve the objectives of the investigation, two state owned dailies; the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times were sampled for the study coverring 2001 and 2002. Issues on the CSIR and its institutes which received adequate publication, the subject matter which received greatest coverage and which institute received the most coverage for its activities were examined. The Daily Graphic published more stories (32) representing 64% on the CSIR than the Ghanaian Times (18) representing 36%. Generally, however, the CSIR did not receive much coverage from the two dailies. Out of 1248 issues sampled, only 46 issues were related to the CSIR, providing a total of 50 stories. Lack of requisite expertise of journalists of both papers in science and technology might be a contributory factor. The subject matter which pre-dominated the two dailies was technology transfer. The CRI was the most featured institute under the CSIR. For economic advancement, it is imperative that science and technology is disseminated to the generality of the public and it could start with frequent publication of the scientific findings of the CSIR institutes by the media.

  4. Research Article
    Estimation of Water Requirements of Selected Field Crops in South- West and South- East Nigeria PDF
    Adebola A. Adekunle, Adedayo A. Badejo, Omobolaji T. Opafola, Babatunde S. Bada, Fidelis C. Nkeshita
    Estimation of crop water requirement of some selected field crops was carried out based on twenty-one years and ten years meteorological data at Abeokuta and Umudike respectively. These crops include as maize, pepper and tomato. Reference evapotranspiration was calculated using BlaneyCriddle model for Abeokuta and Penman Model for Umudike. The result obtained showed that the seasonal crop evapotranspiration (ETcrop) for maize, pepper and tomato were 378.33, 558.51 and 505.92mm/month in Abeokuta and 353.13, 130.97, and 464.82mm/month in Umudike. Effective rainfall (ER) was lower than the water requirement in the months of May and June for maize cultivation in Abeokuta, similarly, effective rainfall was lower that the water requirement in the months of March, April, May and August for pepper in Abeokuta. This indicates that supplemental irrigation was needed during these months. Irrigation water requirement (IR) was 11.73mm for soils of Umudike. The study also established that pepper and maize could be grown conveniently during their growing season without supplemental irrigation in Umudike. However, the sufficient water availability for crops in Umudike during their growing season will produce good yields and good quality crops compared to Abeokuta.

  5. Research Article
    Farm Labour Problems of Small Scale Farmers: A Case Study of Some Farming Communities in Plateau State Nigeria PDF
    Ephraim F. Panwal
    Farm labour is one of the major production constraints in small scale farming. Compared to land and capital. Tropical agriculture is mostly small scale, thus making farm labour its prime output constrain. Realizing the importance of labour in the attainment of high output or profitable farm production objectives, this paper examines the problems and solution for effective and profitable farm production for small scale farmers. As a way out of the problem, this paper advocates for the introduction of appropriate technology, such as use of herbicides for weed control, tractor and other simple farm equipment such a planter, and harvester. Results show that labour has a positive economic consequence in farm production of small scale farming communities.