Dynamics of Teaching Performance Standards on Curriculum Implimentation in Public Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya

Author(s): Protas Fwamba Khaemba, Moses Wekesa Soita

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Published: 2023-02-10

Abstract: This study assessed effects of teaching performance standards on curriculum implementation and delivery in public schools in Bungoma County, Kenya. The study was objective was to assess if every teacher has complied with the teaching performance standards. The study was based on education production function theory, which places students’ performance as function of teachers` quality of input/ curriculum service delivery. The study employed simple random sampling where two lists were prepared for public primary and secondary schools and 10% of the schools, teaching staff and deputy heads were randomly picked from the lists. Out of 73 primary, 29 secondary, 1971 teachers and 102 deputy heads a sample frame of 7 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, 197 teachers, 7 deputy head from primary and 3 from secondary were used. Correlation and regression were used in data analysis. The paper singles out syllabus coverage, lesson attendance, marking of learners’ exercise books and teaching/learning Aids as major factors influencing curriculum implementation in schools. The paper concludes that if teachers comply with all the teaching performance standards, effective implementation of curriculum will be achieved.  The paper recommends the study on IEP to assess its effect on quality of education in Bungoma County.