The Dream of $5 Trillion Economy in India: Utopianism or Realism

Author(s): Keshab Chandra Mandal

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Published: 2020-09-04

Abstract: While the world is passing through a very hard time, the researcher is singing a praising song for the motherland. How the challenges posed by COVID-19 can be turned into an opportunity has been portrayed here. The article is the result of a recent study conducted by this author in India.  It is regarding achieving the dream of our visionary Prime Minister Mr. Narendre Modi to make India sustainable and self-reliant in the days to come. Though, the recent spurt of coronavirus epidemic has brought the development agenda of the world in general, and particularly of India to the backseat, and all the plans and strategies of the countries have shifted to only one agendum i.e. to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite that India cannot for long slip off its target of achieving $5 trillion economy. But how? This article tells about the roadmap for attaining Indian dream of $5 trillion economy.