Vol 4, No 2

Table of Contents

  1. Research Article
    The Role of Brownfield Development in Sustainable Urban Regeneration PDF
    Armin Mehdipour, Hoda Rashidi Nia
    The process of industrial revolution and population growth brought such problems as transport congestion, pollution and environmental degradation which led to rapid immigration of residents and shutting down industrial areas. The outcome was a large number of remained sites with vacant or underused buildings and infrastructures in low-demand markets. Hence, Industrial zones which have been formerly deemed as a vital part of human daily lives turned into a formidable obstacle within the cities. Brownfield lands are, nowadays, recognized as a problematic element in large number of countries, as it is assumed to cause gradual land decline by means of environmental, physical, social and economic negative effects.  In spite of all problems these urban sites may make, over the past 30"”40 years, Brownfields have been regarded as a precious opportunity for urban developers in order to bring a new value into a poor- quality lands and create new sets of behavior in the declined urban communities.

  2. Research Article
    Choice of Shopping Outlets for Grocery Products and the Socio-Economic Profile of Female Consumers in Lagos Nigeria PDF
    Ben E.A. Oghojafor, Kennedy Ogbonna Nwagwu
    This study is intended to ascertain the impact of socioeconomic variables on store choice for grocery products.  Outlet for shopping is an integral choice set of today's modern customer. As a result, retailers' understanding of customers' store patronage behavior is essential. The study employed a descriptive and cross-sectional research design.  Respondents for this study were female residents of Lagos State of Nigeria, who by culture shop for their families especially for groceries. Questionnaire served as the study instrument. Copies were administered to the respondents by early part of August, 2013. Respondents were drawn through a convenience sampling technique. Though, 275 copies of the instrument were administered, 220 were successfully completed and returned. Pearson moment correlation coefficient and the Chi square were used to test the hypotheses while SPSS (version 19) aided in analyzing generated data. The results obtained were statistically insignificant with all the null hypotheses having (P>0.005), hence none were rejected. Conclusions were reached that the choice of retail outlet for groceries by Nigerian women is not influenced by their socioeconomic variables such as income, level of education, type of employment, marital status and family size.

  3. Research Article
    Factors Affecting the Usage of Major Heuristics in Nigeria Property Investment Valuation PDF
    IROHAM Chukwuemeka Osmond, OGUNBA Olusegun Adebayo, OLOYEDE Samuel Adesiyan, OMIRIN, Modupe Moronke
    Heuristics property research has been confined to Anchoring and Adjustment at the neglect of the other three major ones, which are, availability, representative and positivity. Even when researches in anchoring and adjustment heuristics are conducted they are usually confined to its existence.  This study examined factors affecting the usage of heuristics from variables drawn and conceptualized from literature review (models). This is geared towards focusing heuristics property research particularly in this country. This study is a cross- sectional research entailing a survey of 159 out of the 270 Head Offices of Estate Surveying Firms in Lagos Metropolis, the entire 29 and 30 Head Offices of Estate Surveying Firms in Abuja and Port-Harcourt respectively. The primary source of data collection was through the questionnaire in the form of conducting interview. The data collected was measured using ordinal scales and analysed using categorical regression analysis on the SPSS Software. The zero- order correlation was used as a measure of variable importance being independent of the other predictors in the model. It was observed that the most predominant factors affecting the usage of Anchoring and adjustment; Availability; Representative and Positivity Heuristics are complexity of investment method of valuation (-.234; .462) and age of the estate surveying and valuation firm (-.339; -.297) respectively. The study thereby reveals areas of principal focus in heuristics property research so as to avoid superfluity.