Evaluation of the Quality of Hand Moulded Sandcrete Block in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Author(s): D.N. Nwaigwe, E.A. Ogwu, M.C. Ugonna, O.D. Atakpu, A. Edom

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Abstract: The durability of a building is to a great extent determined by the quality of materials used of which sandcrete block is one of the materials. This paper looks into the quality of blocks produced by block industries in Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria to ascertain its water absorption ratio and compressive strength. A Total of fifteen block industries were visited and five samples from each were collected and subjected to laboratory test. The analysis of results obtained was compared with the Nigerian industrial standard (NIS). The absorption rate of the sandcrete blocks was found to be higher than the 12% minimum requirement of the NIS; 2007. The compressive strength values of the sandcrete blocks ranges from 0.81N/mm2 and 1.25N/mm2 which when compared with NIS, was found to be below the minimum requirement of the NIS; 2007.  Inadequate mix ratio was observed to be one of the factors of poor quality sandcrete block production in the area. This paper recommends for compliance monitoring by the various regulatory body to ensure good quality of sandcrete block production.

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